Srishti students in the course LifeSciences Workshop for Artists & Designers with Yashas in Bangalore are participating in the hackterialab on their course dates. This was a great opportunity to take the stab culture of arsenic GFP and make a nearly permanent stock (glycerol stock) that we can leave in -80C. This is not the form that is field-compatible, but this is the best way to keep the stock of all stocks.

We started with making LB and LB/agar – to be autoclaved. Also, here, they have autoclave-able plastic 10cm petridishes, so that while the plate is light, they can be reused more than once. I sense more of a concern for the materials – as one of the students noted when choosing a plastic tube for making an overnight culture – “Why don’t we culture them in glass tubes?”. It was more because a glitch in communication in preparing materials, we received a bigger plastic conical tube and several autoclaved glass tubes only appropriate for less than 5mls each.

Here is a great illustrated link for aseptic technique.

Also, it was nice how they wrapped the erlenmeyers with not only just aluminum foil, but cotton, and paper, and tied it with string for autoclaving. Another thing I didn’t expect was that the students wanted to feel and smell the solidified bacterial agar. Conclusion: smell (disagreeable), texture (firmer than expected).

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