Last tuesday we did a presentation to recall our research and to introduce our first prototype.

After some weeks of reflexion we decide to build a prototype for fluorescence detection. The first try was exciting. It has allowed us to experiment the technique before building the device. Then the box was born in the aim of being portable device.

Here a little presentation of the device.

The device is portable but not enough. An upgrade possibility will be to buy a cheap alterable camera that we can put in the box. Hence settings and pictures stay the same each time. First we can use a real battery in the box to provide the led (and not arduino). Or we keep using arduino but in the box to provide the led and also to analyze pictures directly connect to the camera.

What’s next? Upgrade the first prototype with the idea above and have try other ideas where we substitute the camera by a photoreceptor and using a wavelength specific filter or a dichroïc filter.

Now we know (a bit more) where we are going!

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