Arrived at a point where we want to test our bacterias and our prototype with water we can find in the environment, we look where we could find arsenic-contaminated water near our place.

In Switzerland, there are some geological contamination with arsenic, particularly in the massif of the Mont-Blanc, above Martigny. We also find some arsenic contamination in the Tessin where gold was formerly mined.AsSuisse Image, from  Hans-Rudolf Pfeifer and Jürg Zobrist, De l’arsenic dans l’eau potable, la Suisse également concernée? EAWAG news 53, p15-17. (Translation: Arsenic in drinking water: Switzerland also concerned?)

In this image, we see the places where water, hot water spring or ground soil are the most contaminated with arsenic. The purpose of the trip we will make is to visit one of these places and collect water.

First we will go in Sion, visiting the group of Martial Geiser in the HES-SO Valais that work on a perfectionized detector of fluorescence produced by arsenic biosensor using the PDMS sample-holder Nina Buffi worked on.

Afterward, we will go in the Brocard spring (above Martigny) which contains 40ug/L and in Vernayaz, Dorénaz and Collonge where tap water is slitghly contaminated with arsenic.


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