It is taking some time to edit the videos from the three presentations on the kick-off day. In the meanwhile, you can download the presentations as pdfs below.

Professor Bernier-Latmani on Microbes fight pollution (super-bugs turn toxic metal to rocks): [20130301 Bernier-Latmani Microbes fight pollution_5MB]

Professor Blokesch on Evolution of Pathogenic Bacteria (specifically cholera, and her real-world tracing of cholera epidemics in Haiti and now in Congo): [20130301_Blokesch_Evolution of pathogenic bacteria]

Professor van der Meer on Engineered bacteria as Pollutant Bioreporters (this is the lab that engineered the arsenic reporter): [20130301_vdM_Engineered Bacteria as Pollutant Bioreporters, 20130301_vdM_Engineered Bacteria as Pollutant Bioreporters_5MB – note the 1MB shrinkage is missing figures from the last slide]

Robin, the co-mentor of the course also presented the safecast project, the crowd-sourced radiation mapping with open hardware geiger counter.

On the videos:

We are slowly subtitling the videos. The sound quality from a phone video recording, especially with the acoustics in the room where we held the first class were less than optimal. Please bear with us. Hopefully we will improve on the visual documentation front as the project progresses.

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