My name is Nils Bonfils and I’m a third year bachelor student in computer science at EPFL.

As it is mandatory at EPFL for third year students in computer science to work with a lab, we have multiple possibilities to choose which one we want to work with. So I chose to work with the LCAV, which had the proposition to take part in this project.

This project attracted my interest for several reasons, firstly because it seemed to me that the practical aspect here is an important part, as opposed to some project that are just theoretical, and I find really attractive the idea of actually doing something concrete, like building a probe and testing it. Then I’m very interested in everything that has to do with the environment, it is something important in life and I think that everyone should take care of it, at least a little bit. And finally, I took some electronics courses and it should be interesting to put it at use, also the programming aspect attracts me as it should for every computer scientist.

My work related to this project is not completely defined for now but what is defined is that I will imagine and build a static probe for measuring things (not defined) related to water. The final goal could be to plant it in the Sorge and do some real measurements. There will also be a part where I have to find a way to retrieve the data from the measurements. Throughout the semester, I will document all that on the wiki.

I’m looking forward to learning a lot of new things and gaining new experiences.

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